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Marina Grobler

Qualifying with a BA in psychology Marina always had an interest in the complexity of the brain. During her time at a high school and pre-primary school in Namibia, Marina was constantly exposed to children with ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities.

She knew she had to help, so she started researching alternative methods to give these children a chance to function at an optimal level.In 2003 Marina came across a treatment called Neurofeedback. She immediately started researching this treatment and saw positive results. This prompted Marina to get her qualification as a Neurofeedback therapist through EEG Spectrum. She started using qEEG because it could pinpoint irregularities in the brain.

Achieving great results Marina was (and still does) constantly researching new developments, in 2009 she came across the Tomatis® Method and became registered as a Tomatis® Practitioner. Also in 2009 Marina became a provider for Cellfield that helps people with reading difficulties.

“Why do I do this job? It’s just that I love it, when I can send a child or adult out into this world and they can cope with it … it’s the best job satisfaction I can ask for. “


  • 1994 – BA Psychology
  • 2003 – Neurofeedback Therapist
  • 2009 – Tomatis® Practictioner
  • 2009 – Cellfield Provider
  • 2010 – Registered EEG Technician

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